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Thermal energy storage pilot project inaugurated in Abu Dhabi

EnergyNest officially inaugurated its Thermal Energy Storage (TES) pilot project at the Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) chaired by Dr. Nicolas...


EnergyNest announces functional energy storage solution.

The company presented the first operational assessment of its pilot project in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Masdar Institute at the CSP Today...

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EnergyNest offers a truly game changing technology for storing thermal energy on a large scale.

We deliver a truly unique product that is perfectly tuned towards solving challenges of intermittency in renewable energy and other methods of power generation - providing real, quantifiable value additions to our customers and to society.

up to 60% less CAPEX
up to 75% less OPEX
Above 95% thermal efficiency


Harald Norvik

Dr. Christian Thiel
Chief Executive Officer

Pal Bergan
Chief Technology Officer

André Korn
Chief Financial Officer


Our flexible storage technology is applicable to multiple areas in energy and powergrid systems.

SCALABLE Storage system can be scaled up or down to fit specific energy system requirements DURABLE Extremely long lifecycle since concrete withstands millions of stress cycles STORAGE DURATION Best suited for medium to long storage purposes (i.e. 3 hours to various hours) ECONOMICAL Low cost materials (i.e. steel and HEATCRETE®) ensure extreme cost competitiveness LEGO-LIKE CONCEPT With pre-fabricated elements with high degree of standar- dization; easy to integrate into energy systems EASY TO INSTALL Modules installation in assembly line approach; materials and components are easy to localize SAFETY Solid state non-hazardous material; no HSE requirement beyond power plant specs. CONFIGURABLE Caters to broad temperature range (-50 – 565°C); operating with different HTFs LOW O&M No moving parts, easy to control, almost no paracitic loads, no special staff requirements SMART DESIGN EASE OF INSTALLATION EASE OF OPERATION


Masdar Pilot

EnergyNest has built a ‘first-of-its-kind’ solid-state Thermal Energy Storage pilot at Masdar Institute’s Solar Platform (MISP) in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The 2 x 500 kWhth pilot is connected the institute’s ‘Beam-down’ facility, a unique solar thermal installation, providing project partners full means of conducting advanced research and testing of the technology under various operational conditions. The project will demonstrate feasibility and advantages of EnergyNest’s novel storage system, generating key operational and performance data that is to be shared with industry and academia. Full validation and proof of concept of this potentially game-changing technology is expected to be accomplished within 2015.