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We maximize the value of your energy by time-shifting high grade heat

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Energy producers and consumers are losing a significant amount of heat and are not using it as a resource. We store this high value heat for later use, providing customers with flexibility to manage their energy.

Our system increases profits and adds new revenue streams by allowing energy players to respond to the fluctuating market: customers can either resell the stored energy or put it back into their own business.

Energy-saving on an industrial scale

Our thermal battery technology is modular, flexible, fully scalable and built for purpose. It is made from abundant, recyclable and non-hazardous geomaterials: steel and concrete. Easy to acquire, this means that local workforces and materials can be used, and transportation can be kept to a minimum.

With a simple scientific approach

This is how it works: the principle of the technology is to store heat within a solid state. Steel pipes run through a concrete-like material, transferring the heat throughout the storage system, ready for release when required.

Commercially viable and easily deployable

Our systems pay themselves off within 2-5 years, increase profits for decades and reduce our customers' carbon footprint. Unlike certain other energy storage solutions, our system can be deployed anywhere and caters to medium and long-duration storage; from 30MWh to 10,000MWh or more. Our system is also structurally safe and certified and has been through thousands of hours of field testing.

Made by experts invested in your success

EnergyNest is a team of experienced scientists and engineers. We have a deep understanding of the changes happening in the energy business today and the new demands that are arising. We will work with you to customise a solution from initial assessment through to commissioning and operation. We will help prepare your company to meet future legislation on environmental performance and decarbonisation.

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