We maximize the value of your energy by time-shifting high grade heat

Energy producers and consumers are generating significant quantities of heat which amounts to an immense source of untapped value. We store this high value heat for later use, providing our customers with the flexibility to manage their energy.

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Energy-saving on an industrial scale

Our thermal battery technology is modular, flexible, scalable and built for purpose. The principle of the technology is to store thermal energy within a solid state material. Steel pipes run through a concrete-like material, transferring the heat throughout the storage system, ready for release when required.

Commercially viable and easily deployable

Our systems pay for themselves within 2–5 years, increase profits for decades and reduce our customers’ carbon footprint. Unlike many other energy storage solutions, they can be deployed anywhere and cater to medium and long-duration storage, from 10 MWh to 10 GWh.

Made by experts invested in your success

We have a deep understanding of the changes happening in the energy business and the new demands that are arising. Our team of experienced scientist, engineers and business professionals will work with you to customise a solution, from initial assessment through to commissioning and operation.

Balancing the grid, efficiently

As we move further towards a world of renewables, our thermal battery technology will enable a more responsible use of intermittent energy, helping to balance the power grids and ensure a clean future.

Our latest updates

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    The EU has tightened rules for industrial energy efficiency. This is a solid step forward, because there is still lots of untapped efficiency potential, particularly in energy-intensive industries. One example is waste heat utilization: with the help of an EnergyNest thermal battery, waste heat can be efficiently stored and effectively applied as energy input when needed. For instance as electricity when tariffs are high or as process steam when needed or even both. The German Handelsblatt reports on the plans: https://lnkd.in/ghVD_YD

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    By initiative and invitation of the Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V. EnergyNest CEO Dr. Christian Thiel - together with 50 selected experts from the energy industry - have engaged in a concentrated effort to shape the energy system of the future. https://lnkd.in/dykXZ4v

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    EnergyNest and HeidelbergCement launch manufacturing hub for supplying Thermal Battery to European market. Located strategically in Europoort, Rotterdam, the site will produce the ready-to-use battery modules at a fully automated RMC plant operated and owned by Mebin. There pre-fabricated module cassettes are cast with Heatcrete®, cured and quality controlled, before being transported directly to project sites for final assembly. The structure provides a consolidated platform for facilitating higher volume output and securing all quality aspects to accommodate the widely expected market growth for energy storage solutions for years to come. Jon E. Bergan, VP Supply Chain at EnergyNest, states that “the manufacturing setup we have established with our partners HeidelbergCement and Mebin is a critical step for the successful roll-out of this important technology, and consequently, contributing to improved energy usage and reducing carbon emissions in the European industrial landscape at a much faster rate”. Volker Klapperich, Product Manager Civil Engineering at HeidelbergCement, says “expanding our footprint into this green, high potential market is an exciting new opportunity for the HeidelbergCement group”.