What does the EnergyNest thermal energy storage (TES) technology consist of? Where did it come from? How does it work? What type of applications does the technology have? Where does it provide value? Our brochure answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the EnergyNest solution.

Breakthrough in energy storage (original version)
Interview Dr. Steve Griffiths, Masdar Institute
Interview Dr. Christian Thiel, CEO EnergyNest
Interview Pål Bergan, CTO EnergyNest
CNN Connect the World
Breakthrough in energy storage (short version)
COP22: Marrakech 11/11/2016
COP22: Pal G Bergan

Press kit

Our press kit contains informative material intended for media and PR professionals. This includes a description of the company and its management team, videos files, CEO pictures, and a press release on the EnergyNest pilot facility and technology. Simply click the link below to access these files.

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Press review

Our press review contains a selection of media coverage of the EnergyNest business and technology developments over a period of six months. These may be consulted in a compressed PDF file.

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