Ingeteam and EnergyNest enter alliance for Engineering and Site Services

Innovation combined with strong track record as a lever for differentiation and growth


Aurorean Energy Holding Ltd. concludes agreement on industrial cooperation and strategic investment in EnergyNest

First Chinese investor for Norwegian energy storage company


EnergyNest wins prestigious Nordic Cleantech Open

First prize goes to EnergyNest for its innovative Thermal Energy Storage system.


Tata Steel’s lighthouse efficiency measure to compensate for annual CO2 emissions of 90.000 cars

Tata Steel will implement EnergyNest thermal energy storage to reduce emissions.


Suunpower and EnergyNest enter partnership for cost reduction in Concentrated Solar Power in China

The two parties agree to collaborate for cost reduction in Concentrated Solar Power in China.


The future of storage, by Vaclav Smil

Lithium-ion batteries just won't do. Other large-scale storage methods are needed. Thermal energy storage is part of the solution. Read about it in...


EnergyNest featured in Sysla Grønn

EnergyNest was just featured in Sysla Grønn, a Norwegian media outlet known for its coverage of new environmental technologies.


Tata Steel further improving its carbon footprint with EnergyNest technology

Tata Steel announces its plans to include energy storage for internal batch production.

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“The complete solution for energy-on-demand” Wallstreet:Online

“The EnergyNest technology can support industries achieving their carbon footprint reduction targets” NBC

“This innovative new technology uses a smart modular configuration which has the potential to drop the cost of TES significantly.” Reuters

“A new idea for storing excess energy” Frankfurter Allgemeine

“Energy storage: concrete is also a solution” Manager Magazin

“Steel and concrete are the new energy storage for the Energiewende” Der Tagesspiegel

“The capital expenditure is up to 60 percent cheaper” Süddeutsche Zeitung